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Knowing When a Rhinoplasty Revision is Needed

Rhinoplasty is a procedure that has so many components and influencing factors that 10% to 15% of all initial rhinoplasty procedures are revised. There are two major reasons why a rhinoplasty revision is needed: unrealistic expectations and poor work on the surgeon’s part. Whatever the reason you decide for a revision, you must ensure that your decision is well-informed and appropriate for you. It is important to keep your expectations at a reasonable level.

There are a great many different reasons why revisions are needed. Many of these issues may have to do with simple vanity, while others may have to do with the functionality of the nose itself. If you are having trouble breathing after the initial rhinoplasty, you may need a secondary rhinoplasty or a revision. Such things to consider if you should have a revision are:

  • Nose appears too large
  • Nose appears too flat
  • Nose appears too thing
  • Nose appears too long
  • You now have a hanging columnella
  • Scar tissue build up
  • Dents
  • Nose is angled too much

Of these reasons which are the most common for revisions to be chosen, several are due to lack of listening by the surgeon, or even just a difference of opinion between you and the surgeon.

You generally know that you need a rhinoplasty revision when your breathing has been compromised or the appearance of the surgery begins to look unnatural or defected. There are situations where scar tissue can build up which will require surgery to revise the issue. You will also need a revision if the work that was previously done was not as you had requested, leaving you with a look you haven’t asked for.

It is important to know that you will not be satisfied with any procedure unless you are on the same page as the surgeon. If the surgeon seems to have objections to your decisions and tries to take over the show telling you what looks best, yet you disagree, you may want to locate another surgeon. If you are not satisfied with the rhinoplasty revision, you can certainly look for another surgeon, but you should never accept work that is unsatisfactory.

You most likely signed paperwork preventing your right to sue, but if the work is compromising your health and was improperly done, you can definitely seek legal council to take action. If you decide to find another surgeon, however, make sure you find one that agrees with your woes and seeks to find a way to improve both your appearance and your health effectively