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Secondary rhinoplasty

Secondary rhinoplasty is a form of revision surgery that corrects small and great imprecisions caused by a primary rhinoplasty.

The Internet is full of information on this topic. The reason for this is that rhinoplasty is the most complex and difficult form of plastic surgery. Furthermore, rhinoplasty must not only improve the aesthetics of the nose, but also its breathing functions.

Secondary rhinoplasty can improve the aesthetics of the nose, but also its breathing functions

Many people who have undergone nose surgery now have difficulty breathing.

It’s impossible to describe secondary rhinoplasty in just a few sentences. All that can be said is that revision surgery can run from small and short corrections requiring only a local anaesthetic up to complex operations, requiring a general anaesthetic and where the surgeon has to “start over” and “redo everything from scratch”:

Reconstructive surgery

Secondary rhinoplasty is often reconstructive surgery: a reconstruction of the nose with an eye towards aesthetics.

This type of reconstruction often requires cartilage grafts, transplanted from the nasal septum or from the ear.

Less common is the case in which the surgeon will use biocompatible synthetic implants. In order to truly understand revision rhinoplasty, it’s useful to observe pre- and post-operation photographs regarding actual cases.

Here you will find the photos of cases I’ve personally worked upon, complete with full descriptions.