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Plastic surgery of the nose: Rhinoplasty

Nose surgery combines three different medical specializations:

  • the plastic surgeon
  • the ENT specialist
  • the maxillofacial surgeon

Each of these specialisations contribute their diagnostic, planning, technical and surgical skills.

Plastic surgery contributes the surgical techniques of rhinoplasty, in particular the ability to change the size and shape of the nose so as to harmonise it to the other aesthetic units of the face (chin, cheekbones and paranasal area).

The maxillofacial surgeon contributes the ability to evaluate the nose in accordance with the position of the jaw and of the occlusion of the teeth, as well as the surgical skills necessary to correct complex jaw-nose dismorphisms.

The ENT specialist contributes the know-how necessary to diagnose and surgically correct nasal-breathing obstructions (such as deviations of the nasal septum, nose-valve deficiencies, sinusitis, polyps, nasal hypertrophies).

The collaboration of these three specialities have brought about the complex techniques of nose reconstruction surgery necessary to repair the damage caused by traumas and skin tumours of the nose pyramid.