your Rhinoplasty Specialist


Rhinoplasty can correct any aspect of the nose that the patient doesn’t like.

The goal of Rhinoplasty

The most common imperfections are the following:

  • Big nose
  • Saddle-shaped nose (a “sliding” nose. Often the result of an excessively aggressive prior rhinoplasty).
  • Gibbous (bumped) nose
  • The result of trauma (broken nose)
  • Laterodeviations of the nose pyramid (crooked nose)
  • Drooping tip
  • Big tip
  • Wide tip
  • Unsatisfactory prior rhinoplasty
  • Big nostrils
  • An excessively acute nasolabial angle (the point between the tip of the nose and the upper lip). Which leads to a drooping nose.
  • An unnoticeable nasofrontal angle (the point between nose and the forehead).