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The Lunchtime Rhinoplasty

The word “lunch break” is often used in the aesthetic medicine field. It refers to light cosmetic surgery treatments that are easy to perform and without a recovery period.

The soft solutions research responds to clients’ requests for minimally invasive treatments, with very short convalescence periods that allow for a rapid return to work and social life. This is a trend that is continuing growing, especially for facial treatments.

In many cases aesthetic medicine is replacing aesthetic surgery because it is more successful. There is no single solution in aesthetic medicine, as every person has different needs and requires different treatments. Sometimes a treatment is not effective in the long run but it is preferred because of the short recovery time.

Nose aesthetic surgery (rhinoplasty) adapts itself to the trend as well. It is possible to model nose shape without surgery, in 10-15 minutes, avoiding swelling, bruises, dressings and convalescence, typical of rhinoplastic surgery.

The treatment is called “Rhinofiller” and it consists in modifying the shape of the nose with fillers made of hyaluronic acid and coaptite. The surgery is performed in 10-15 minutes, without the need for anesthesia.
At the end of the treatment the nose is already in its final form, without swelling, redness and bruises. Immediately after the surgery you can return to work or other activities.