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Rhinoplasty without surgery

What is a “RHINOFILLER”?

It is a non surgical non-invasive method to remodel the nose shape.
As various filling materials are used, hence the name “filler”.

When is Rhinofilling appropriate?
For all cases when minor nose reshaping is needed:

  • light nose humps
  • slightly small nose depth
  • nose tip not very evident
  • post traumatic remodeling
  • slight imperfections from previous rhinoplasty

Rhinofilling is not a cure-all solution and does not apply to all situations. It is not recommended for large noses or when the hump is too big. In this situations rhinoplasty is the recommended solution.

What are the filling materials?

I personally like ialuronic acid for my rhinofillings. Depending on the defect, I also use coaptite.

Fillers are NOT permanent. They are absorbed by the body within 12 months. I never use permanent refillers.

How is Rhinofiller performed?

Rhinofilling is performed at the doctor’s office and does not normally require to spend the night at the hospital. Rhinofiller normally takes 20 minutes.

What about the post- intervention?

Normally, the nose is slightly red and swollen for a few hours. Bruises are extremely rare.

Can I undergo a rhinoplasty after a rhinofiller?

Some patients who would like a more permanent solutions for their noses, opt for rhinoplasty.

When a temporary filler is used, there is no problem undergo a rhinoplasty after the filler has ben absorbed.

When permanet fillers are used for rhinofillers, it might be more problematic to undergo rhinoplasty and that is the reason why I do not use permanent fillers.