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Rhinoplasty and “around the nose”

Nose surgery (rhinoplasty) can also be combined with other facial-surgery operations. One of the most “traditional” and requested is PROFILOPLASTIC SURGERY.

The “standard” case of profiloplastic surgery is that of a patient with a profile presenting a gibbous nose (bump) alongside a recessive chin.

The small chin, in profile, highlights the imperfection of the nose by making it look larger.

What is a standard profiloplasty?

It’s a surgical operation which combines rhinoplasty with a chin enlargement.

In rhinoplasty, the protuberance of the chin in profile is an important point of reference. If the chin is too small, there is the risk of excessively reducing the bridge of the nose and therefore creating a nose that is too small for the face.

In these cases the correct procedure is to first enlarge the chin with a prosthesis (additive mentoplasty) and to then follow with a rhinoplasty. This correctly uses the newly created “protuberance” of the chin as a point of reference.