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Facial Feminization Surgery

Many transsexual women undergo a plastic surgery to give their face a more feminine outline (FFS: Facial Feminization Surgery).

Between facial plastic surgery procedures, one of the most important is RHINOPLASTY.

The nose is the most aesthetic part of the face, and alone, it can bring many feminine facial features.

Between the feminine and masculine nose there are many important differences that shoud be considered as characteristics to reproduce through surgery and to adapt on a case-by-case basis, according to any possible individual limits ( structure, original sizes, shape, type of skin, etc.).

What is the feminine nose?

The feminine nose:

  • is smaller
  • the dorsum is narrower
  • the tip is smaller and thinner
  • the angle between the forehead and the nose is more open. Approx. 115 degree in males and 120 degree in females
  • the angle between the nose and the upperlip is more open: 90 degree in males, 100-105 degree in females, which means that the female’ s tip is more turned-up.
  • the nostrils are smaller
  • the nasal base is smaller (size of the nose between the two wings)

The Rhinoplasty planned as FFS, should take into account these differences and should respect them in order to harmonize the “new nose” with the whole face.

The nasal FEMINIZATION RHINOPLASTY, can be a single procedure, isolated, or it may be performed as part of a wider facial feminization surgery, altering:

  • CHIN (reduction)
  • FOREHEAD (recontering)
  • EYEBROWS (bone reduction, facelift)
  • ADAM’ S APPLE (reduction)

The nasal FEMINIZATION RHINOPLASTY, can be performed under a local anesthesia, sedation or under a general anesthesia, in Day-Surgery (doesn’ t require any night in hospital), without tampons.